Your New Favorite App

Designed with a music-first approach, this app allows you to search songs across services, add favorites, create scenes, and more.

Global Search

Search across all your streaming services and local files simultaneously. Plus, the app will automatically select the highest-quality source for you to listen to.

Create Your Scene

Choose specific music and rooms to create a scene you can recall anytime you see fit. Hosting a party? Play your Party Scene, complete with custom dance tunes, rooms, and even a schedule.

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Music-First Approach

TuneBridge allows for a streamlined listening experience across multiple services. Listening to a song on Spotify? Use it to start a Pandora radio station.

Simple Navigation

An innovative control panel makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and puts the most popular functions like Room Grouping, Scenes, and Favorites just a click away.

Our Story

We love music just like you, which is why we work so hard to make it great.

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Award-Winning Products

Our streamers and amps are designed to give you the best listening experience imaginable.

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