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From streamers to amplifiers, Autonomic offers a range of products that help your ideas come to life.

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Music Streamers


Get the ultimate listening experience with our flagship, five-source audio streamer.
256GB (50,000 songs)


Play 3 independent audio streams throughout your home.
120GB (25,000 songs)


Hide this compact, single-source streamer anywhere.
32GB (10,000 songs)



Power up to eight rooms of heart-pumping music at 100W per zone for amazing sound.


Install four 100W zones of music or build upon an existing system.


Support four rooms at 30W each, in a small form factor for maximum flexibility.

Our Story

We love music just like you, which is why we work so hard to make it great.

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Seamless, Easy-to-Use App

An innovative app lets you play and control your music from anywhere in your home.

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