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Our Story

Autonomic got its start in 2006 when digital music was in its infancy. Our first product made it possible to playback music via control system touch panels – complete with album art, browsing capability, and many of the music features that seem “standard” today.

By 2009, we began to recognize a growing trend towards streaming music, which at the time represented less than 2% of all digital music listening.  After partnering with Sirius XM Radio and a fairly new company called Pandora Radio, we launched one of the industry’s first cloud-connected digital music servers.

Over the next several years, we bolstered our product line and list of music streaming services, giving users a listening experience without compromise. This lets you listen to your music in hi-res, anytime, anywhere.

Our innovative, music-first approach means you don’t have to sort through services or worry about Bluetooth cutting out. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the music.

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Awards & Recognition

Installed by Professionals

You may not have heard the name Autonomic before, but that’s because this isn’t your average audio system.

Our products aren’t available in retail stores, which means they can only be bought and sold by professional installers. This exclusivity ensures your system is custom-fit for your home and configured to provide you with the best sound imaginable.

Award-Winning Products

Our streamers and amps are designed to give you the best listening experience imaginable.

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