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Mirage Media Controller (MMC) for
iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch and Android

Mobile apps require a Mirage Media Server.

EXE Mirage Media Controller for iPad
EXE Mirage Media Controller for iPhone/iPod Touch
EXE Mirage Media Controller for Android Phones

Synchronization Utilities

Mirage Media Sync is available for two desktop operating systems, for automatic synchronization of audio files from a computer or NAS to the Mirage Media Server.

ZIP Mirage Media Sync for Mac OS X 5.0.23163.0 (.zip)
EXE Mirage Media Sync for Windows (.exe)

Mirage Amplifier Firmware

Download the latest firmware for your Mirage M-400 and M-800 digital amplifiers to support the KP-6 keypad.

ZIP Mirage Amplifier Firmware 2.0.1 (12MB .zip)

Control Drivers

Pre-built control modules for the Mirage Media Server are available below. All MMS modules are compatible with all Mirage Media Server models. Visit your Dealer Zone to upgrade to the latest firmware in order to unlock all the latest features.


ZIP AMX MMS Module 4.5.4 (.zip)
For the AMX Module to work, you must be running MMS firmware v4.5.13281.0 or later. Visit your Dealer Zone to upgrade.
ZIP AMX Mirage Amp Module 1.0 (.zip)


Web Link Bitwise MMS Module

Command Fusion

Web Link Command Fusion MMS Module


ZIP Control4 MMS Driver 5.8.8 (.zip)
This driver is compatible with Mirage eSeries MMS-1e music streamer and includes performance updates to the MMS-5A and MMS-2A models.

System requirements:
• Mirage OS 6.0.20170328.0+ for MMS-1e
• Mirage OS 5.3+ for MMS-5A and MMS-2A
• Control4 OS 2.8+
Visit your Dealer Zone to upgrade.

ZIP Control4 Amp Driver 2.1.8 (.zip)
This driver is compatible with Mirage eSeries amplifiers (M-120e, M-801e, M-401e) and legacy amplifiers (M-400, M-800).

PDF Control4 Programming Guide (v5).


ZIP Crestron SmartGraphics MMS Sample 1.2 (.zip)
ZIP Crestron MMS Module Version 3.2.6 (.zip)
For the Crestron Module to work, you must be running MMS firmware v4.5.13281.0 or later. Visit your Dealer Zone to upgrade.
ZIP Crestron SystemBuilder MMS Module 3.2.6 (.zip)
ZIP Crestron Destiny TPS-4L Template (.zip)
ZIP Crestron Amp Module v2.0 MC3 Beta (zip)


Web Link MMS and amplifier drivers for ELAN g!
located in the ELAN dealer portal


ZIP Lutron® HomeWorks® QS MAS Command Set (.zip)
PDF Lutron HomeWorks QS Programming Guide.


ZIP RTI MMS Module (.zip)
ZIP Mirage Amp RTI Control Driver (zip)


ZIP URC MMS Module v1.2 (.zip)
ZIP Mirage Amp URC Driver v1.0 (.zip)
PDF URC Driver Suite for MMS Setup v1.2 (.pdf)

Legacy Products

iTunes Control Module

iTunes Control Module requires Apple TV (1st gen.) or iTunes v.10+ on a Mac or PC.

ZIP Crestron Module, Version 1.2.010 (.zip)
ZIP Crestron SystemBuilder Module, Version 1.2 (.zip)
ZIP AMX Module, Version 1.1.9 (.zip)

Media Control System 3.0 (MCS)

The modules in this section are for MCS Software Only. For MMS-2, MMS-5, or MMS-5A servers, use the modules for Mirage Media Servers above.

EXE Media Control System 3.0
This product has been discontinued and replaced by the Mirage Media Server.
MCS will remain a part of the AUTONOMIC product line but is now deprecated.

ZIP AMX Module (.zip)
ZIP Crestron Module 2.5 (.zip)
ZIP Crestron SystemBuilder Module (.zip)
ZIP HAI Sample Program (.exp) (.zip)
ZIP RTI Module (.zip)
EXE URC MX-6000 Module (.exe)

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