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KP-iOS In-Wall Controller Mount

For more robust control capabilities, this convenient mount secures a 4th generation iPod touch (not included) into the wall for a beautiful and easy way to control the entire Mirage Audio System using our free iPhone app over your wi-fi network connection. This elegant solution displays now playing track information with cover art, and allows complete library and music service browsing. The KP-iOS is specifically engineered to receive power from the Mirage Media System using a single Cat-5 connection.

Touch Display iPod touch® with the Mirage Media Controller App found in the Apple iTunes store. (Requires 4th generation iPod, not included)
Bezel Bezel is high-grade plastic and comes in White
Connection RJ45 plug
Power Connection iPod touch is charged while it is mounted via Cat5 cable connected to a Mirage Amplifier. A power on/off button is located on the edge of the KP-iOS bezel
Dimensions 102.29mm W x 151.61mm H x 60.9mm D
Complete Setup Guide KP-iOS Documentation (.pdf)