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NEW: Mirage Audio System eSeries


MMS1e M120e eSeries

Introducing the Mirage Audio System eSeries, featuring eAudioCast™. Decentralize your music with revolutionary audio over ethernet technology, and provide more flexible solutions for any installation.

With the MMS-1e Single-source Mirage Music Streamer, deliver hi-res audio to as many as 96 rooms with a single-streamer designed for decentralized audio, when paired with the new M-120e multi-room amplifier, featuring eAudioCast.

Built upon ten years of excellence in audio innovation, the MMS-1e leverages the technology of the award-winning MMS-5A, now in a compact form factor.

Pair the M-120e Four-room Mirage Digital Amplifier with the MMS-1e single-source music streamer to deliver pure, bit-perfect, hi-res audio to as many as 96 rooms with a four-room amplifier designed for decentralized audio, featuring eAudioCast. The M-120e leverages the innovation of the Mirage Digital Amplifiers, now in a compact form factor.

Hi-res Audio MAS

Streaming Services & Features

Service Providers for Mirage Audio System

Offering access to the most popular music services, the Mirage Audio System provides millions of songs on demand with Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Slacker, Spotify, Deezer, and TuneIn Radio. Your music library is also fully accessible, supporting all popular audio formats of High-resolution Audio up to 24-bit/192kHz.

Advanced scheduling options allow you to pre-program the Mirage Audio System to play any content on a on-time or repeating schedule to provide a custom automated program for routine listeners.

The Mirage Audio System's capabilities allow you to synchronize your library across multiple homes, or stream your music from anywhere in the world.



TuneBridge is cross-media integration of all local and streaming music available on the Mirage Audio System. It's a powerful feature available only in the Mirage Media Controller app. Tap the TuneBridge icon, and see what the music leads you to discover.

For example, you could hear a song you like on SiriusXM, finish listening to the complete album on Spotify, and launch a Pandora station based on that artist, all in one unified browsing experience. It's like having the world's most vast music collection at your fingertips.

Portable & Automation Control Options

Supported Control Options

Every function on the Mirage Audio System can be completely controlled using the devices your customers know and love, including iOS, Android, and any web-enabled computer or tablet. The system also integrates beautifully with Crestron, AMX, and RTI automation systems with pre-built control modules, and comes with world-class integrator support.

eSeries Mirage Music Streamers


The MMS-1e Mirage Music Streamer is a solid-state, single-source music player complete with the features and functionality expected from the Mirage family of products.

Seamlessly integrate the MMS-1e into any of the popular automation systems, and deliver playback of pure, 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio, in addition to the most popular online music streaming services. Mirrored physical outputs allow for the utmost flexibility.

Paired with the eSeries Digital Amplifier, the MMS-1e can support two discrete streams of audio-over-Ethernet using eAudioCast™ technology.

eSeries Mirage Amplifiers


The M-120e Mirage Digital Amplifier is part of the eSeries audio ecosystem, which can support up to 96 rooms of high resolution audio utilizing distributed eSeries components connected to the home’s standard ethernet network.

Each M-120e provides four rooms of audio at 30 Watts per zone and its small form factor offers maximum installation  exibility with options for mounting in a structured wiring enclosure or on a wall.There are connections for two local source inputs, four powered speaker outs, and mirrored digital PCM outputs for zones 1 and 2. The amplifier can output four discrete programs sourced from its local inputs, sources connected to remote M-120e amplifiers, or eSeries Media Streamers such as the MMS-1e.

Wired with a single Cat5 Ethernet connection, the M-120e can be placed anywhere in the home or accessed wirelessly when used with the MMS-1e Mirage Music Streamer.

In-Wall Control Options


Options for in-wall control enhance the convenience of music in any room. The elegant and economical KP-6 controller provides basic zone power, volume and source control, ensuring that you can always quickly adjust the volume or power a zone on or off without requiring a smartphone, wireless touchpanel or computer nearby.

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